Sleepyhead Bear

Lisa Westberg Peters, Illus. Ian Schoenherr
Greenwillow, May 2006
Ages 0-7, ISBN 0-0605-9675-9

It is a hot summer day, and Bear's eyes are droopy.
But . . .
pesky bugs are buzzing
here and there and everywhere.
What is a sleepy little bear to do?
He could try a growl.
He could try a roar.
He could try swimming
and climbing and hiding
and running . . .
oh, dear!

It's a hot summer day, and
now Bear really needs a rest. Help!

Booklist, 15 May 2006

Pestered by buzzing bugs, sleepyhead Bear tries to look tall, and he grows GRRRRRR! "But the bugs aren't afraid, and they buzzzzzz in his fur!" He jumps in the lake, but the bugs come after him. He climbs up a tree, only to find more bugs. He tries to hide in a log, only to become stuck. Then the log rolls down a hill where the bear, dizzy and sore, is tossed out in a meadow, where he finally finds bugs that don't buzz and sting—butterflies. The large, double-page spreads are filled edge to edge with bright, well-detailed acrylic artwork showing the small, furry bear fighting with the pesky bugs, and, later, the peace he finds "like a furry brown flower" with his delicate, beautiful new friends. This warm bedtime rhyme will have toddlers pointing at the uproar and then snuggling down, soft and warm, with the "Dear little/fast-asleep/at-last-asleep/Bear.

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