We're Rabbits!

Lisa Westberg Peters, illus. Jeff Mack
Harcourt Children's Books, March 2004
Ages 4-9, ISBN 0-15-204671-2

Can three hungry rabbits eat an entire garden full of tasty vegetables and not get caught?

Kirkus Reviews

Peter Rabbit has nothing on these three flop-eared foragers: "We nibble the leaves, then gobble the peas. We munch on the cabbages and crunchy red radishes. We EAT and EAT and EAT. Uh-oh." Uh-oh indeed: here comes the angry gardener. Mack uses long brush strokes to create a trio of irresistibly cute, furry bunnies, who lead the gardener on a wild chase before tumbling into her very lap. No Mr. MacGregor, she then tries to buy them off with old and damaged vegetables. As if. But she's not done, for when the rabbits scamper insouciantly back to their woodpile, they find a carrot-y surprise waiting. A new- or pre-reader's delight, this pairs big, simple, multicolored words to sunny garden scenes replete with luscious looking edibles. Yum.

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Parenting magazine

Three bold cottontails have a grand time sampling a farmer's best veggies. Thanks to the saucy rhymes, you and your preschooler will be tapping your toes all the way to the grocery store.